Our Essence is the Spiritual and Physical manifestations of what the Divine Source wants for us. Our Essence desires to be it's Full-self on all Planes.

[for everyone AND MODERATORS] help again black magic


Hello everyone
Reiki brings more light, but we forget that it's half of Love, the creation energy of life. Darkness must be accepted and balanced like yin and yang to bring stability, health and everything.

I'm currently under a curse from a previous life, a woman used black magic. Someone who does also reiki is helping me for a few days now.

I'm writing this for everyone else because she explained me that if you divineself is disconnected and that your etheric is too, you can't acheive complete health with usual reiki. Also, i've had my root and crown chakra blocked by black magic : reiki could come, but couldn't reach my aura, the door was just wide shut. ANd my third eye couldn't either. Help couldn't come from me. We're working on it to remove all this shit (her part) and my self immunte system we all have will have freeway to work then. I will make sure it never happens again to anyone.

Let's share now on a special post a program of full protection and of cleaning everything. Before getting usual reikis. Because i got attuned to many reiki full of promises to heal anybody and bring everything blabla. Nothing just worked because of what i explained. And yet, i could call reiki and practice with it. The illusion was perfect.

I've heard about Amplified Tacyon Mirror Body Deflector that looks like a super shield that strikes back to the sender any negative energy you may get.
Like many of you here, i don't know much of it. We prefer not to think that magic and black magic exist, but i think now it exists just like any reiki does, but with a hate intention instead of a love one. illuminatis do it for thousand years now.

SO PLEASE, everyone knowing how to. MOVE UP. HELP the world from any suffering. Build, instead of just offering attunements in every direction.

Be happy and awake soon.


[I speak french if frenches need help]
Move up !

contigous light

I feel that you have given this too much power in your life, let me explain.

I knew a Reiki Master who held high regard in South Africa where then as is today has high use of black magic, he specialized in removing large amounts of bad spirits or curses, his teachings were always that if your intention is that nothing can corrupt you then this is how it will be. So take your power back, it is always yours & Reiki is absolute. I myself use Reiki for similar purposes as he did & I am not special he was not special, Reiki is everything. What Reiki does if you let it, is for example fill the body/house/car etc with pure love thus any bad/negative can remain only to a positive end.

What  is happening is you apply shih (governing the balance according to the advantages) or using the higher laws of the universe to your advantage e.g an old car (negative slow energy) will not make it up a hill climb but a race car (positive fast energy) can do it again and again without even noticing

A curse moves at a slow vibration.
This can only stay with you if you are keeping a low vibration
Either raise your vibration or choose to hold onto this curse the choice is simple

A seed can rot in the soil or it can accept the sunlight and grow into a beautiful flower
I Encircle Us All In A Halo Of Love Light Peace & Harmony
Shalom Shalom Shalom