Our Essence is the Spiritual and Physical manifestations of what the Divine Source wants for us. Our Essence desires to be it's Full-self on all Planes.

Midorimasu reiki


Midorimasu is a custom reiki style that I have made it is a toolbox energy system it caries all energys that can be used for healing by the healer. Contact me for more detail or attunement request.It comes with the manual, and you can request a certificate. I am making this short cause I don't have that much time thankyou.


Here is more info,

Midorimasu is a 100th monkey reiki style. It is completely free in every form. It teaches ways to keep your chakras flowing, and how to better program your chakras. It teaches many more hand movements then normal and it teaches the most important things about reiki.

I do not gurantee that you will automatically see auras or be able to astral project but this is also a thing that midorimasu will teach you to do. It will strengthen your abbilitie to help you do this stuff.

If you would like to sign up message me I will soon try to have a site up. The only thing that I ask in return is to give reiki to everyone you know. Thank you.